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Every website owner wants to attract more traffic to their website. Potential customers or your target audience finds businesses and services nowadays from search Engine. An effective online marketing and SEO campaign can go a long way to ensure your website is visible at all times and at the top of search engine results. By doing so, you can maximize your website traffic and increase online exposure and sales. Nowadays SEO efforts are not an afterthought process like other marketing plans such as ads and flyer distribution etc. It has to be the forefront of your marketing campaign. Search Engine optimization requires know how on how the Search Engines work, it is time consuming and requires creative measures to earn top positions organically on search engines. At Fanatic Web, We possess the knowledge and observation of why and how Search Engines design which websites offer more value and relevant content for users in order to bring your website up. SEO Company in Edmonton Fanatic Solutions has always focused on various efforts and techniques to enhance search engine traffic to websites. Our Search Engine Marketing team has the experience and the knowledge that has helped them develop diversified approach to rank improvement. Quick fixes can be harmful and classified as Black Hat SEO techniques which can be harmful to websites. Why SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or SEO? It is a well-known fact that people do not have time in today’s fast paced world. Most of the internet users find websites through search engine and do not go past the first 4 pages of search engine result pages (also called SERP). If your website is not there, chances are that you are losing valuable business opportunities. If white hat SEO techniques are used to bring your website up, it can help generate more sales and thus more profits. This not only entails making the website look good and functional, but a lot of work goes into it including well written relevant website content, regular blogging as well as social media integration and much more. What are the Benefits of SEO? There are numerous benefits of Search Engine Optimization. These include: More sales and leads Creating product, brand or service awareness Long term positioning on SERP More customer base How does Fanatic Web provide SEO Services? With a lot of experience over time, our team of Search Engine Marketing experts undertake various SEO methods and techniques that render results in the long run as well. Some of those methods include: Web Page Optimization: Fanatic Optimization process begins with the web design that should be clean, easy to navigate with optimized web pages that target keywords and also enable web crawlers to navigate the website without any hindrance. Keyword Analysis: Various techniques and internet based tools are used to ensure the most relevant and targeted keywords and key phrases are utilized for the website based on extensive research and analysis. Competitive Analysis: Reviewing and studying competitors helps determine what keywords and key phrases to focus on to get a sense of SERP. Link Building: Relevant link building can go a long way towards the success of a website. It is important here to realize that link building is not about quantity but rather quality that will help bring a website up on Search Engine Result Pages in the long run. Social Media Integration: Social Media Integration is now playing an important role in SEO efforts. Social Media interaction on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many such platforms helps the website get a boost. Web Content: Well written website content with relevant information that is helpful to target audience can go a long way in the success of a website ranking. Many Search engine result pages take good and rich information containing websites into consideration and it helps boost their position on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Keeping up with trend changes: Search Engines are moderated by Robots and algorithms that are changed periodically to rule out and penalise any website that are using black hat SEO techniques. It is highly important to keep up with the changes and keep revising websites in order to maintain a position on top.
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