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Atleast quarter of Canadian website traffic is now from mobile devices including Tablets and Cell phones. Thus, having a responsive website or a mobile friendly website that functions well on all platforms is highly integral to the success of a website in today’s digital world. Fanatic Websites offer mobile friendly websites that are effective on all modern day devices. We also provide our customers with responsive web designs that work seamlessly on all digital devices. Fanatic web development and Digital Media Agency has acquired vast experience in developing mobile websites and responsive websites for Alberta customers over years. We infuse our knowledge along with our experience into every website project designed for our customers.

A Website may be viewed using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or even desktop computer, but it is highly important for the business or Organization message to be consistent on all platforms in order for it to be successful in the long run. The mobile Friendly websites designed by Fanatic Web are not only functional but also encourage visitors to take action through easy navigation, regardless of what device they are viewing the website on.  We guarantee that your Fanatic Mobile Website will load quickly when viewed on mobile devices, with easy and clear navigation that can be easily read without having to scroll or even zoom unnaturally. Fanatic Responsive websites offer dedicated menu that is readable across all digital devices, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop screens. If your website does not display efficiently and clearly on all devices, that means you are unable to meet your customers’ needs and end up missing out on significant opportunity for your business or service, leading to potential loss of sale online.  Call Fanatic Web Company for No Obligation FREE MOBILE WEBSITE OR RESPONSIVE WEBSITE Consultation.

Many at times we have people calling to inquire the difference between mobile website versus Responsive website. Thus it has become highly important for us to clearly differentiate the two. However it is important to understand that both Mobile friendly website and responsive web design will optimize your site for small screen devices, simple and easy navigation as well as faster load time. Fanatic Digital media agency works together with the customers to help them achieve the desired results and much more.

What is the difference between Mobile Website vs. Responsive Website

  • The main difference between mobile friendly website and responsive web design is that mobile website is a copy of the website where the server does all the work to optimize web pages for smaller screen in order to allow easy navigation where as in responsive design, it is the device doing all the work to adjust according to the screen size of the device and automatically changes the orientation, be it landscape or portrait mode, based on the device, switching options on the go. It is a more flexible solution compared to mobile website but a more expensive one at the same time.
  • Mobile site usually utilizes a different domain (eg: m.website.com), while responsive web design uses the same domain (while using a different code automatically when accessing through a smart phone, tablet or any such device).
  • Responsive website is more like a long term and futuristic solution as it incorporates programming or special code for the website to be responsive, thus it can adapt to any future device changes whereas mobile website might need to be reworked on in order to stay updated with the next generation mobile browsers or devices.
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